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A list to succeed in whatever you do

I found a list of tips to succeed and thought it worthwhile to share a few of them. I edited some, but most of them are as I found them. The original source can be found here.

  1. Painkillers v. Vitamins
    You make more money selling a need than a desire.
  2. To take no risk is to let inflation nibble at your money until it disappears.
  3. The market isn't "saturated" - your business just sucks.
  4. People don't care what you're doing unless you answer their real question:
    What's in it for me?
  5. Never Discount. Compete on value, not price.
  6. Your product should meet demand, not attempt to create it.
  7. Growth is the small things compounded.
  8. Prioritize reviews and testimonials.
    A happy customer is the most powerful marketing.
  9. Skin in the game is the only opinion worth hearing.
  10. Most go broke to look wealthy instead of living cash-poor to become wealthy.
  11. Give free value with 0 expectations, and you'll get 10x returns down the road.
  12. Don't take favors. Give them. It's better to be owed than to owe.

Now that you read through the list, awesome. But first and foremost: Entrepreneurs DO!

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